Founder's Welcome

Dennis Kennedy


It is my privilege to welcome you to our 16th annual California Diversity & Leadership Conference - CDLC 2023 which is scheduled to take place over a 2 week period from October 25-26 and October 31. This year's theme is “Diversity First.” The conference will afford organizations the opportunity to explore tools and resources necessary to build a diverse workforce and remain competitive on the global stage. The conference will have over 60 speakers who will discuss a variety of different topics all related to our ever-changing workplace. It is important to recognize that learning leads to growth and growth is essential for change.

The Conference will end on October 31 with the day dedicated to training. There is a menu of options to select from for training. Each training is for 6 hours. Day two & three of the conference will have concurrent sessions throughout the day with 4-5 breakout sessions.

In closing, I would like to thank our sponsors for their support. I would like to thank the conference organizers, volunteers and speakers who are working diligently to bring you a wonderful conference. I hope your calendar will allow for your participation in our multi-day learning event.

Dennis Kennedy
Founder and Chairman
California Diversity & Leadership Conference - CDLC

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